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The Sunrise View sees Let Love as the love melody with a twist that the band made in order to make their message clear about the importance of setting love as a major priority in life.

This is with no doubt our favorite masterpiece!

— The Sunrise View.

Did someone mention anything about the lyrics? The inspiration and push for love make the song something that should be part of you. It is certain that if more than half of the world had set love as a major priority, there would be less chaos and more stability in peace and prosperity, and this is possible! The lyric video above can attest this.

Not stopping there, The Sunrise View decided to reiterate their stance on the most important issues of social life by releasing this other masterpiece. Although people have learned to shrug-off problems like neighborhood feuds, hatred and violence, these continue to infect many cities and societies.

We are all neighbors, no matter where on Earth we are, call it a country, state or city. It’s the same planet. We can disagree on stuff our neighbors do or believe in, but we shouldn’t get overly troubled and bothered by it that we have to hurt one another. That’s the purpose of this song No to Violence from our album Everything.

— The Sunrise View.

This band has released “Everything,” an uplifting album of eleven songs, also containing the two songs that have just been showcased. In addition to the album, a few single songs are floating around, one of which has honored a great role model who has most of the same dreams as the band — a peaceful and prosperous world without overwhelming neighborhood differences.

We hope that you check out our awe-filled album and single songs to give your everyday life an upwards strength, with internal and external motivations. We will keep on sharing the gifts of love, inspiration, relaxation and motivation through our music.

— The Sunrise View

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